P.I.G - Poor Ignorant Gangtas. This definition is made just for you to use it, so free to label any poor ignorant gangstas you see with this name.

Draw a pig.
Stick it on the niggers/wiggers back.
Make sure to run fast after you do this, you might not make it if you keep staring at the nigga like its funny.
pig... pig... ... yeah, thats right, pig.
by Toronto Raptors January 27, 2008
crooked ass cop who cant catch u legally
yo man, aint my fault im late some pig pulled me over and started searching my shit
by tank720 May 07, 2007
adj. Large, fattie, or splifflike, esp. describing marijuana.
You will take a slow drag on a pig joint
and it will wash over you
and jah will protect you.
by Voip November 03, 2005
A very slow vehicle, i.e. car, dirtbike, etc.
Dude you need a new bike... that thing is a fucking pig!!!!
by Puffy January 14, 2004
A slang or derogatory term used towards Police Officers or anyone respresenting Law Enforcement. Orginally an acronym for Police In the Ghetto.
Me and Louie almost had the drug deal, but those PIGs caught us and now we're doing serious time
by HeyKoolaid August 23, 2008
the tastiest animal in the world!
"look at that fucking tasty pig"
by catwithstick October 09, 2006
Illicit drugs of any type.
I got the jones real bad, man! I need to score me some pig!
by Patrick Dobrinen September 06, 2006
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