adj. Large, fattie, or splifflike, esp. describing marijuana.
You will take a slow drag on a pig joint
and it will wash over you
and jah will protect you.
by Voip November 03, 2005
A very slow vehicle, i.e. car, dirtbike, etc.
Dude you need a new bike... that thing is a fucking pig!!!!
by Puffy January 14, 2004
A slang or derogatory term used towards Police Officers or anyone respresenting Law Enforcement. Orginally an acronym for Police In the Ghetto.
Me and Louie almost had the drug deal, but those PIGs caught us and now we're doing serious time
by HeyKoolaid August 23, 2008
the tastiest animal in the world!
"look at that fucking tasty pig"
by catwithstick October 09, 2006
Illicit drugs of any type.
I got the jones real bad, man! I need to score me some pig!
by Patrick Dobrinen September 06, 2006
People who shake the ground when they walk AND have gay-ass personalities and only care about themselves and how long until their next serving of saturated, discusting, heart-attack like food.

Not to be mistaken for normal-ish fat-ish people.

They have to have the rude personality, otherwise.............
by Kalcutta May 29, 2005
Adjective: less refined (as in metals), or somehow spurious.

I note , however, that in scatology, bullshit and horse-shit are used as pejoritives, as if those commodities are of lesser value, but pig-shit expresses value if not desirability....
Pig-iron (basic iron ingot, first product of ore smelting)
Pig-Latin (a false language, easily decifered) as opposed to dog-latin which is nonsense sounds invented to resemble Latin
by kindly_wise May 30, 2004

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