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An predominately untamed, historically outdoors creature which is kept indoors as a pet.
Dave has a litter of racoons in his house. He's keeping them as white trash pets. Hopefully, the DNR doesn't catch wind.
by Chowderhead34 July 23, 2011
Self-delusional banter from uneducated, obese white males; which describes all of the "things" that one is going to do, should do, and has to do. In reality, these "tasks" are either delegated to a spouse, significant other, friends or children - or not done at all. A typical venue in which this To-Do list is discussed is while sitting down, drinking beer and/or chewing tobacco.
White trash work ethic example:

Person 1: "Next week, I'ma gonna hafta moov all deze boxes out of the living room, den I gotsta haul all dat trash outa da garage, put in dat new batroom, and maw da lawn."

Person 2: "Really? You're going to do all that by yourself? Your such a go-getter! Is your wife going to wipe your ass for you again and do it? Or are you going to pawn it off on one of your friends? You're such a fat, lazy leach of a shit."
by Chowderhead34 August 03, 2011
Shouting back and forth in a crass manner amongst one another within short distances of 5-10 feet, and repetitively saying, "Whaa?" The signifance or efficacy of the conversation is essentially eroded, washing down into a social state of Neanderthalism.
Stacey and her sister had a 15-minute white trash conversation at the new but piece of shit house. They were trying to make important decisions of productivity, each less than 10 feet away, and were still shouting, "Whaa?"
by Chowderhead34 July 23, 2011
Preparing alternative, disgustingly fattening meals to pizza and McDonald's, when your money is low from having been eating out all the time.

This process involves using idiotic words and phrases - in combination with: a rolling pin, a mallet, a strainer, cheese, a microwave, salt, pepper, and sauce.
White trash cooking example:

"What ma wayf did was:

1)Cullied it on the counter.
2)Mashed it into a trepiditious paste.
3)Fermented it into a milky sauce.

4)Popped it into the microwave and then melted cheese on it until it was nice and gooey.

Then we sprinkled salt and pepper on top of it. After supper, we went out to Dairy Queen."
by Chowderhead34 July 29, 2011
A white male U.S. citizen who concurrently possesses all or one of the following characteristics:

1) Overweight.
2) HS diploma, GED or online degree.
2) Over-employed.
3) Borrows or spends more than he can afford.
4) Doesn't think before he speaks.
5) Drives a gas-guzzling vehicle.
7) Ignorant of world news & other cultures.
8) Produces Neanderthal offspring with ADD.

Bottom Line: Thinks that because of the fact that he a an American, that he is automatically No.1, "The Shit."
There are a lot of American pigs in my state.

"I only know what I know, then I say what I don't know because I'm a "Real American Asshole." I'm leach on society and am an over-employed, ungrateful slob. Go USA on dose other countries." (While Rome is burning.)
by Chowderhead34 August 11, 2011
Washing one's hair in the kitchen sink before going to work instead of taking their fat fuckin' carcass and getting in the shower like normal people.
I gotta get ready for work and then take a white trash shower.
by Chowderhead34 July 22, 2011
A police officer who is literally a pig in body, mind, and spirit:

1) Uneducated
2) Waddles

3) Slow in thought

4) Fat
5) Grunts in syllables
6) Territorial
7) Eats salty junk food
Person 1: "A cop pulled me over yesterday and gave me a ticket."

Person 2: "Was he a pig?"
by Chowderhead34 July 23, 2011

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