Photo-manipulating software created by the photo-Gods. A very handy and useful program.
Mike: Dude who is that?!

Matt: That's me. I photoshopped around a bit.

Mike: NICE!
by Fatty Pops December 12, 2010
Image editing software that can make even the crappiest of photos look amazing.

It's like autotune for pictures.
Eww! I look horrible in these pictures! I'll just photoshop this, and this, and that...
by tennisgurl95 July 13, 2011
1. (noun) - A computer program that allows you to edit and manipulate different qualities of a picture.

2. (verb) - To digitally manipulate a picture in order to make it look different from the original one.

Photoshop is useful in many ways. It is often quite difficult to tell the difference between an authentic picture and a photo-shopped picture (one that has been digitally manipulated).
She will photoshop your yearbook picture to get rid of all that hideous acne.

I will use Photoshop to make my enemy look fat.

The photo-shopped picture makes the woman look pregnant.

That picture looks like it's been photo-shopped.
by CRLLLLLL January 18, 2010
to photoshop - a verb - a metaphor

The impossible to achieve act of editing a mental picture in an effort to take out an embarassing image.
Dude, I saw you puke on yourself last night. No way you can photoshop your way outta that image.
by Ron Sheridan August 02, 2006
Photoshop is one of the worlds most wonderful tools created for photo editing.

Originaly created by John and Thomas Knoll in order to to take a Fing ugly (Fugly) women or biatch and make her modelesk. Also used to take a stick or twig man and make them look buff or ripped.

Became increasingly popular among young women who favor the expand tool to enlarge their breasts(does not always work very well) look up Epic photoshop fail on google and exhibit a should be there.
Photoshop has evolved and many different versions have emerged (CS1, CS2, CS3....ect.) with each new version emerges a new way to turn fuglys into fuckables and twigs into bigs.... *Sigh*
Girl: Look! Kristina I can make myself go up a cupsize in Photoshop!

Boy: This girls boobs are not as big as her pictures make them look.....

Boy: I can just add some abbs into my pics to get the ladies... *wink wink*

Girl: This twig so does not have abbs... UGH *Sigh*
by MasterofMS January 18, 2012
The greatest artistic invention of the 20th century.
Annie: It's amazing the variety of things you can create using photoshop! The possibilities are endless.
Professor: Your right! Photoshop may have as great an influence on contemporary art as photography did when it was invented!
by K.H.S March 01, 2010
A worse insult then ''gimp'' because Gimp is really a photo-editing program like Photoshop.
(gimp is normally used as an insult only on Facebook in my experience)

Harry: You're such a gimp!!!

Jim: Oh yeah, well you're a PHOTOSHOP!!!

Harry: *boohoo*
by NorbertLinuxLord June 08, 2011

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