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to be so incredibly awesome, that it's majesty is overwhelming, so much, that you could practically jizz your pants while viewing it
Holy shit! That chick has the best looking breast's i have ever seen, masterpiece.

The keyboard intro to HIM's Killing Loneliness is so fucking awesome! Masterpiece.

by tim koch October 22, 2005
A musical piece, usually a MIDI file, in which 2-6 people create one track each, without knowing what anyone else has put in their tracks. When everyone is finished, all the tracks are mixed into one lovely piece. It usually sounds somewhat like a Macy Gray record in reverse, with some scratching nails on chalkboards as accompaniment.

There are usually a set amount of rules as well, such as number of measures, tempo and time signature, which must be followed. Sometimes a number of measures allowed for resting can also be set, particularly for those who are inexperienced at making music.
That dude needs to download Midisoft Studio so he can make his part of the masterpiece.
by Waddly The Penguin October 10, 2006
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