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The result of binge-eating holiday food, much like what many people do on Thanksgiving Dinner.

Characterized by a horrible sick and overstuffed feeling, sometimes followed by the urge to throw up as you lay sprawled out on the couch desperately trying to feel better.

Yeah, you know you shouldn't have eaten that last piece of pie, but damn... it was soo good!
"Arrghhhuhhhhhgrrrggg I'm dyinggggg..."

"Dude, what's wrong?"

"Uhhhhhhhrrggg... I ate to much _insert holiday here_ food and now my stomach's killing me..."

"Yikes, looks like you've got Thanksgiving Syndrome bad."

"Ughhh... I'm NEVER going to eat again..."
by Tennisgurl95 April 23, 2011
Image editing software that can make even the crappiest of photos look amazing.

It's like autotune for pictures.
Eww! I look horrible in these pictures! I'll just photoshop this, and this, and that...
by tennisgurl95 July 13, 2011

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