When you have to pump your friend up to a chick because he cannot get laid on his own merits. Taken from the feeding habits of the Pelican. Baby Pelicans cannot digest food on their own, they only eat partially digested food from the parent.
"Dude, how many times must I Pelican for you?"
by Chad A. January 08, 2003
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A variation of the shocker where only one finger goes in the vagina, but three go in the anus. The hand shape resembles that of a pelican with a large mouth.
The shocker didn't rock her, neither did the spocker, so I used the pelican.
by Aloysius May 29, 2006
"one woman holds three penisus, one in each hand and one in her mouth, if done at opposite motions it appers to look like a pelican flying"
"that ho is damn goog at the pelican
by Sweatyandready May 01, 2010
When a girl does not swallow cum and instead has to hold it in her mouth until she spits it out.
She sucked me off in the bedroom and then had to pelican it until she could spit it out in the bathroom.
by Prough91 April 01, 2011
Verb: To pelican. To eat something like a pelican (quickly and enthusiastically).

See also: "It didn't touch the sides"
I totally pelicaned those brownies
by world'shungriestman September 27, 2011
the act of sucessfully encompassing a man's dick and balls in a female's gullet
Crystal thought she could perform the pelican but failed miserably as she suffocated
by Gullets July 12, 2008
n. a very large fish-eating water bird having a huge bill and a pouch on the bottom side of the bill for scooping up fish.
Manny, look at the pelicans fly! Come on pelicans!
by Jimmy January 12, 2004
Used to describe something that is hipster or exclusive; not mainstream.
That guy over there in the scarf and skinny jeans is so pelican.
by thecab48 August 17, 2011

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