a new code name for marijuana, that originated in the oxfordshire area of england.

to smoke the pelican becomes, to roast the pelican.
person 1: dude pass me the weed

person 2:dude be quiet my neighbours will hear, use code.

person 1: ok, pass me the 'pelican'
by thepogmeister! March 06, 2010
Australia: A pelican is someone who is a dope, hence pelican because they have a "boof head".
Crocodile Dundee: "Watch where you're drivin' ya pelican!"
by Shinjioh June 20, 2005
A gay guy, cock gobbler, sum swallower.
Hey look, that pelican forgot to wipe his boyfriend's cum off of his chin.
by MegaLaMainiacs September 15, 2004
A dick,wewe,penis,cock
I got a big pelican :)
by Eric Keller December 31, 2003
advanced form of chickenhead.
slut biotch from sawanaka high school that fuks wit Hakeem-he a pelican too.
by Loc-IN-$outh-$ide.R60 September 21, 2004

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