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a new code name for marijuana, that originated in the oxfordshire area of england.

to smoke the pelican becomes, to roast the pelican.
person 1: dude pass me the weed

person 2:dude be quiet my neighbours will hear, use code.

person 1: ok, pass me the 'pelican'
by thepogmeister! March 06, 2010
Australia: A pelican is someone who is a dope, hence pelican because they have a "boof head".
Crocodile Dundee: "Watch where you're drivin' ya pelican!"
by Shinjioh June 20, 2005
A dick,wewe,penis,cock
I got a big pelican :)
by Eric Keller December 31, 2003
A gay guy, cock gobbler, sum swallower.
Hey look, that pelican forgot to wipe his boyfriend's cum off of his chin.
by MegaLaMainiacs September 15, 2004
advanced form of chickenhead.
slut biotch from sawanaka high school that fuks wit Hakeem-he a pelican too.
by Loc-IN-$outh-$ide.R60 September 21, 2004