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To rincon is to habitually decline every invitation to do something no matter the circumstance. This includes, but is not limited to, social events such as lunch with coworkers, drinks at a bar, camping, sporting events, or anything else with an invitation that could be declined.
"Jack is rinconing today and doesn't want to go to lunch."
"Hey, don't pull a rincon today and skip the bar tonight."
"It's margarita Wednesday! Don't tell me you're going to rincon and skip it."
by TheAntiMatter August 21, 2013
1.adj.- hilariously funny

2.noun- one derrty mother f***er that has no regards for anyone elses feelings when joking
1. Damn, that joke was fuckin rincon nigga!
2. Man, that rincon is gonna get a cap in his brown ass one of these days, my nigga.
by DaXFaCtoR August 23, 2006