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When a male puts thier hand up a girls shirt, lift the bra up and feel up the girls tit while their hand is under the bra.
"Yo Eric were you scooping her under the blanket last night."

"Hell yea dude"
by Rob Cashin March 02, 2008
154 81
When a person lifts a womens boob in a upwards motion causing it to jiggle.
Kellie: Ew, Taylor totally just scooped me
Zandria: Taylors always scooping
by Kelandria October 15, 2009
88 61
The act of cupping one's hand under somoeones chest and lifting in an upwards motion. Prodimently male-male but if a female scoops a male they have right to scoop back.
Scooping, Scooooooooop, Backhand Scoop, Double Scoop, Power Scoop, Super Scoop, Windmill Scoop, Scoop-n-steal, Snoop, Slam Dunk, Alley-oop
by Scoop-Master-Flex February 22, 2011
69 44
(verb) The act of cupping one's hand or hands and repeatedly "scooping" the foul air from the loins into the clean air of a person's face or general vicinity after farting.
"Mom! Craig's scooping at the dinner table!"
by Yoballman February 25, 2009
27 33
Being under the influence of ecstasy, MDMA, or Molly. Derived from the D.A.R.E. saying that doing such drugs is similar to "taking ice cream scoops out of your brain".
"Yo, why's Sally so stupid today?"

"Dude she was scooping hard last night!"

"Yeah I thought so. Seems like she took one scoop too many."
by 2brosZah_man October 24, 2011
25 32
when you go up behind a guy and grab his ballsack from inbetween his legs, and cup them im your hand, and scoop them backwards, towards you
1: ouch man, that scoop really hurt !
2: haha, scooping is fun
by K-Starr. May 04, 2009
24 37
When a girl is facing away from a guy, and the guy sticks his hand down her pants from behind, making a scooping motion from her front to back.
Did you see that? Young was scooping that chick on the dance floor!
by Ramyun January 21, 2009
35 49