A breed of bird (specifically the brown pelican) that was driven to the brink of extinction in the Gulf of Mexico, through loss of habitat and environmental (DDT) pollution. Through the efforts of many to restore their breeding grounds, the brown pelican was removed from the endangered list in 2009.

Then came BP and its attempt to get the record in the Guiness Book for the most animals driven into extinction by one event. It's looking like they will get the record and hopefully no one will want to break it.
Tony Hayward is a greedy scum sucking dirtbag who should lick the oil off of the pelicans that he condemned to a slow painful death.
by pelicanellie June 13, 2010
A surfer that really doesn't catch any waves and becomes a non-factor in the lineup.
At first Rincon looked crowded but once I was out there I realized it was mostly Pelicans in the water.
by Hey Fella April 16, 2008
A complete muppet or idiot.
"Get on the right side of the road.. ya pelican!" - Crocodile Dundee
by T-Bone75 August 20, 2007
The UNSC Drop-ship from the popular game Halo for the XBox. VTOL and multi-purpose, it can carry many soldiers and a vehicle. It can also be equipped with a variety of weaponry.
It's ok marines, we got a pelican inbound!
by Merf Avenger October 16, 2011
A verb or adjective used to prevent someone from entering your dorm room because you are having intercourse.
Person 1: "Hey, imma need to pelican tonight with this slam piece."
Person 2: "Atta boy" *fist bump*
by All Mine SJR December 16, 2010
Verb (To pelican): The act of holding the end of your foreskin just before you ejaculate so that you can catch the semen within your foreskin, which may then be taken to the nearest desired receptacle to be deposited.
"Ah dude, I was jacking off last night and just before I came I realized I had no tissues so I had to pelican it so I wouldn't make a mess"
by The Dirty Monk October 06, 2009
A sexual act involving three men and one woman or man. The woman or man orally stimulates one of the men while manually stimulating the other two.

It is so named because the actions of the woman or man performing the act resembles a pelican in flight.
Adam: Me and my boys got that slut on her knees, sucking and jerking.

Steve: Oh, you mean like a pelican?
by Albert E. November 23, 2007

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