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A complete muppet or idiot.
"Get on the right side of the road.. ya pelican!" - Crocodile Dundee
by T-Bone75 August 20, 2007
To vomit into another persons mouth. Similar to the behaviour of Pelicans, who emit digested food into their youngs mouth.
Yech! did you see Scott and Brendon do a Pelican?
by Gordon Yip August 15, 2003
Meaning crap, cheap or nasty behavior or product design.
Bob: My mum told me off for nothing
Bill: Aw man, that is well pelican!

Bob: That guy just messed up the paint job on your car
Bill: that is well pelican!

Bob: It just gets stuck on this screen and you can't get out
Bill: Aw that is well pelican man!

Bob: You've got to stay late and work on that thing
Bill: Aw that is well pelican!
by FutureMan3142 June 17, 2010
another word for an alcoholic derived through the fact that pelicans can take large amounts of liquids into their mouths ex. a person taking a large amount of liquor into their mouth and swallowing it without vomiting or spitting it out
Guy1: Damn man, he just drank that whole 40 in one drink!
Guy2: He must be one of those pelicans they said not to bring to the party!
by JRaWK April 19, 2009
Grabbing one's testicle with your fist while simultaneoulsy draping one's shaft over it the ball, creating the pelican's beak over the gobler-like throat.
Like a pelican with a large throat
by John Klug April 27, 2006
When you have to pump your friend up to a chick because he cannot get laid on his own merits. Taken from the feeding habits of the Pelican. Baby Pelicans cannot digest food on their own, they only eat partially digested food from the parent.
"Dude, how many times must I Pelican for you?"
by Chad A. January 08, 2003
A Half Filipino and Puerto Rican person.
Yo, I'm in a room full of Pelicans.
by idk who August 12, 2006