someone with an abnormally small head. Often shaped like a peanut
'woow look at that peanut... its so small'
'omg look at that nut'
by peanutbutterjellytimeisthebest October 27, 2009
a type of nut that elephants like!
by Peanutluva1507 March 14, 2009
A peanut is a small, semi-hard protrusion of tissue at or just inside the anus. A peanut results from having a case of "ass flu" for several days during which the anus is put under tremendous and shocking stress. The peanut is usally only detectible when wiping but in some extreme cases it is detectible by the ass cheeks.

A peanut never heals completely. Even if it becomes undetectible, you will always live in fear of its return.
I went to Golden Coral and got a raging case of ass flu. When it was all over my starfish had a peanut that didn't go into remission for ten days. It made me feel pretty scule.
by JT Naylor October 13, 2006
Derogatory term to describe someone who can't drive a car correctly usually on the highway/motorway...
thats a green light you peanut!....accelerator is on the right you peanut!....check your mirrors you peanut!
by Abbes March 12, 2006
The area on women in between the mid-thighs where it is really warm.
" My hands are cold "
" then just put them in your peanut "
by numpty17 December 02, 2009
a little pussy-like man that cannot hold his own after four beers.
That peanut over there has been dry heaving for hours after four beers LOLZORS!
by Brucey5 May 28, 2007
A small and bald headed man/boy with a head shaped like a peanut, tending to hate fat people.
Peanuts are constantly bullied.
by Andy155 September 01, 2006

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