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4 definitions by Minck

A card high-speed game that is a hybrid of solitaire and Speed.
We all went over to Rosie's place last night for a intense game of Peanuts.
by Minck February 19, 2009
10 4
When pleasuring a woman via the hand, one forms a fist and puts the whole thing in.
Dude, next time you fingerbang your feme, try the Communist Manafisto. It works every time.
by Minck February 19, 2009
6 2
A nickname for any video game from the Time Splitters sires.
Dude, we should go over to Rosie's house and play some Spleen.
by Minck February 19, 2009
4 10
A term used by men in a secretive, code-like manner to alert other men of a beautiful woman in the general vicinity.
Dude, check out the Schwing over by the bar
by Minck February 14, 2009
8 14