1. a low-branching widely cultivated annual herb from South America, frequently turned into butter and eaten with crushed berry
2. a daily comic strip by Charles M. Schulz
3. an insignificant person
4. a very small amount
5. an illegal drug
1. This freak-ass kid at school can't eat peanuts or he'll DIE
2. Snoopy from Peanuts has no families ties to Snoop Dogg
3. You're such a peanut (b-b-b-BURN)
4. You'll pay me what? Peanuts!
5. Game moves peanuts like an elephant
by Nojoy January 06, 2007
the result on pulling on a persons tie ( very tight knot)
*Jerry walks over to steve*

Jerry: PEANUT!!!

*Jerry pulls very very hard on either bits of tie til there be a tight knot at the top
by Brianetta November 21, 2006
Something which is wonderful and possibly surprising.
'Wow, this easter-egg is a peanut' or 'Gee, its such a peanut that you love me.'
by Cheshire Mat October 23, 2006
n. a tie that has been tugged downwards until the knot is roughly equivalent in size to a peanut.
v. to administer a peanut. A common and popular act of schoolboys.
"John just gave Sam a major peanut!"
by Dashane September 06, 2005

1. Slang for a cute little person...

A baby or woman hopefully.

2. Another word for butt nugget.

(See butt nugget)
1. Hey Peanut !

Come on over here and give Ronchi a hug.

(See Ronchi)

2. Oh man ! I got a peanut stuck to my ass.
by Dixie February 08, 2004
small pommas
o my little peanuts
by melissa October 29, 2003
someone with an abnormally small head. Often shaped like a peanut
'woow look at that peanut... its so small'
'omg look at that nut'
by peanutbutterjellytimeisthebest October 27, 2009

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