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1. Slang for a cute little person...

A baby or woman hopefully.

2. Another word for butt nugget.

(See butt nugget)
1. Hey Peanut !

Come on over here and give Ronchi a hug.

(See Ronchi)

2. Oh man ! I got a peanut stuck to my ass.
by Dixie February 08, 2004
37 39
an idiot ... referring to brain size
you peanut
by baz January 08, 2004
9 11
small pommas
o my little peanuts
by melissa October 29, 2003
0 2
Meaning a person/persons in a gang of kevs
'He is in that gang of peanuts'
by Shibby October 22, 2003
7 9
The area on women in between the mid-thighs where it is really warm.
" My hands are cold "
" then just put them in your peanut "
by numpty17 December 02, 2009
3 6
someone with an abnormally small head. Often shaped like a peanut
'woow look at that peanut... its so small'
'omg look at that nut'
by peanutbutterjellytimeisthebest October 27, 2009
0 3
Nickname for an English Austin A30 /A35 car. Sometimes applied to the A30 /A35 van, pick-up and estate variations.

A practical and charming compact vehicle, the A30 was produced 1951-56 with the A35 being made from 1956-59. Van production continued through to 1968.

Some A30/A35s remain in everday use even today, many are preserved and some are still used in classic car racing.
I've just seen a Peanut parked on the seafront. How rare these days!
by Caiptean August 29, 2009
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