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The body part that carries urine away from the bladder and out of the body. Males and females both have one. In men, seminal fluid also moves along this passage.
Catheters are inserted into the urethra.
by PinkVelvetSausageWallet July 23, 2006
140 45
N: for males,carries pee out of the bladder, and semen out of the penis, trying to finger a male's urethra may prove to be unenjoyable.
"As I was sucking his dick, I wondered if any urine was left in his urethra from when he used the bathroom."
by shalvi April 06, 2003
86 43
Where Piss or the sticky fluid called Cum shoots out of the penis when the bladder forces it out or when a tight grip is aplied to the penis and moved up and down till it shoots out sticky stuff.
I just had piss come from Fabio's urethra into my mouth. It was goooooooood!
by ? July 06, 2004
82 83
Found on most males. It is the tube running through the penis that carries urine and semen.. Also doubles as a great pencil holder.
I can carry at least 7 pencils in my Urethra.
by MichaelCeraandtheArgonauts September 10, 2011
20 39