Peanut is one of Jeff Dunham's puppets and is a purple woozle, with a small tuft of green hair on his head, and only one shoe. Peanut was made in Salem, Virginia. Unlike most of Jeff Dunham's puppets, Peanut's eyes and eyebrows are immobile. This allows for a greater range of motion for his head. Peanut also has a rod attached to his left elbow which Jeff operates to further the range of the puppet's movement. He is antagonistic towards José, and points out his Mexican descent. Peanut is one of the first characters Dunham used for his shows, from the early 80's.
Peanut: What the hell is wrong with you? We cannot talk at the same time! I talk, you talk, I talk, you talk - THAT'S IT! Focus!

Peanut: I am so sick of this crap! I've tried going solo!

Jeff Dunham: And what happened?

Peanut: referring to the stand Kept falling off this frickin' thing, that's what happened.
by kimmyjuice January 03, 2009
low-value coins or small change
a man recieves a few coins after he paid the bills, a friend: how much do you have left?
man: just some peanuts
by Montaque January 13, 2006
A lot of money.
He had so much money it was ridiculous. We might as well have been counting peanuts.
by ekks September 22, 2010
Nickname for an English Austin A30 /A35 car. Sometimes applied to the A30 /A35 van, pick-up and estate variations.

A practical and charming compact vehicle, the A30 was produced 1951-56 with the A35 being made from 1956-59. Van production continued through to 1968.

Some A30/A35s remain in everday use even today, many are preserved and some are still used in classic car racing.
I've just seen a Peanut parked on the seafront. How rare these days!
by Caiptean August 29, 2009
Perhaps the coolest kind of salted appetizer there is among the world!
Girl: Gee, i could really go for a salted peanut right about now.
Nana Steival: Me too. a peanut with a FACE on it!!
by Tatti November 17, 2007
It's a street word that is only used in the Province of Quebec in montrel for drugs in form of pills.
Damn, that peanut u sold me tripped the shit out of me i when i went to the rave.
by AceK21 September 26, 2007
1. a low-branching widely cultivated annual herb from South America, frequently turned into butter and eaten with crushed berry
2. a daily comic strip by Charles M. Schulz
3. an insignificant person
4. a very small amount
5. an illegal drug
1. This freak-ass kid at school can't eat peanuts or he'll DIE
2. Snoopy from Peanuts has no families ties to Snoop Dogg
3. You're such a peanut (b-b-b-BURN)
4. You'll pay me what? Peanuts!
5. Game moves peanuts like an elephant
by Nojoy January 06, 2007

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