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magnetic albeit private. Too gregarious and delightful to be in a shell.
All the boys wanted to play hopscotch with the Peanut but she was too busy lifting others up to the sky.
by surly gurl May 06, 2006
Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law's intern. He wears a pink vest.
"KAMPAI...peanut." (episode: "showyuweenie")
by Peanut September 30, 2004
one of the members of 101st airborne division, found usually near the top of the scoreboard
by Anonymous March 30, 2003
Cool Person, Cool People
Dude, Blaise and Taylor are sooo peanuts.
by im_so_peanuts July 30, 2009
A member of the Modern Toss pantheon of comics and comic characters, chronicalling the power struggle that rages within the world-famous Mod supergroup Peanut. The comic features the characters Dave (bass player), Paul(drummer), Gary (lead singer), Rodriguez (Gary's PA) and Spodsie (Manager).

It needs to be pointed out that the band members are more noted for their violent methods than their music. The comic largely follows the exploits of Dave and Paul, as they attempt to discover why they have been dropped from the band.

In short, the funniest comic strip ever!
(Manager's office. Spodsie is talking to Dave and Paul)

Spodsie: "Yeah, I've been meaning to call you for a while. Gary's splitting the band up and he's taking the name 'Peanut' with him. And you spastics better start looking for a proper job! Ha ha ha!

Dave: You fucking cunt, Spodsie. Shit it! *knees Spodsie in the chin*

Spodsie: Oof!

*Dave punches Spodsie in the face with a loud 'Smack'*

Spodsie: Ooooohh!

*Dave karate chops Spodsie in the neck, sending blood spurting all over the room*

Dave: Shitter *pulls a gun on Spods and shoots him several times in the chest and abdomen*

Paul: You were a bit hard on old Spodsie there Dave.

Dave: That's nothing Paul. When I get hold of Gary I'm going to turn him into a nut!

Like I said - funny shit.
by J June 08, 2005
1. Noun. A protein-filled snack food; comes in many varieties such as honey roasted and party mix.

2. Proper Noun. The coolest guy in the combined states of Iowa and North Carolina; one really cool loser
1. I ate some peanuts today for a snack in which i obtained protein.

2. How can one person named Peanut be so damn amazing?
by stephanie October 15, 2004
the tytest girl at hse
peanut is so tyte to hang out with
by peanut March 03, 2004