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To express on AIM when something was funny, because just 'haha' isn't that dramatic and can be used as just aknowledging when someone has said something.
Bobby31: ...they call it cheese and quackers!
Annette85: haha
Bobby31: oh come on it was funnier than that
Annette85: hahaha
by Angelacia May 26, 2007
A taunt to used by the enemy, usually after they set up us the bomb
You have no chance to survive make your time. Hahaha.
by Galshborg November 07, 2007
when someone laughs too much!
`woah, calm down mate, it wan't that funny!'
by burngun48 January 03, 2005
Typically used whilst describing a happy feeling, originates from the swedish governer Edith Burgerson, who in a notoriously speech said "Internet is just a temporary virtue, hahaha".
"Internet is just a temporary virtue, hahaha"
by TheHappyHamburger April 14, 2016
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