When two words just shouldn't go together at all.
Most heard oxymoron: "Black people."
by Ymous, A, Anon August 18, 2008
A person who abuses the prescription painkiller OxyContin, also known as hillbilly heroin. A truly moronic oxymoron refers to OxyContin incorrectly as "oxycotton".
That oxymoron Jeff overdosed on OxyContin at a rave.
by Led Zeppole November 19, 2003
A habitual user of Oxycodone whose continuted use has diminished their intellect to that of an idiot or moron.
Damn, Martinique your brother sure is an oxymoron." "Well what do you expect? He smokes them thangs like Newports!
by Professor Von Slice Five October 29, 2010
Words which loose their meaning through self or mutual negation. Usually in a comical or amusing way. The most unique of the Oxymoron 'words' are the single or paired word oxymorons which attempt to describe a larger subject without actually negating each other but in fact are a 'double negation' of sorts. For these you need only know the actual definition(s) of the root word(s) (as provided by socially legitimized sources of knowledge - I.E., Webster's or Funk and Wagonal's) in its intended use in juxtposition to its actual use in situ.
"Hey! Check out this Urban Dictionary!" (Such oxymoron phrases may be reduced and used in their most basic form, I.E. Urban Dictionary)
by The M.C. May 11, 2006
A not-so-popular mixed drink. It consists of:

one shot of vodka
1/2 shot of lemon juice
one teaspoon honey

It is named this because despite the controdictory ingredients, none of them mask each other's flavor.
I had 20 oxymorons last night, at least I think I did...
by Frederico July 10, 2005
Rush Limbaugh. Two words that don't agree with each other:Rush and OxyContin.
Someone whose moronic behavior(i.e.meglomania) leads them to a self-destructive act or acts. Someone in the pursuit of a drug that is known to be addictive like morphine,OxyContin, is an oxymoron.
by The Green Gnome October 08, 2010
A phrase combining two contradictory terms. Oxymorons may be intentional or unintentional.
Example of an oxymoron: black genius
by H0NEST ABE March 15, 2010
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