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Billy Mays
T.V. - HI THIS IS BILLY MAYS WITH OXYCLEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me - Hey, it's the oxymoron!
by TMDrummer December 26, 2009
Anyone who falls for that late-night TV commercial for the goofy cleaning product, Oxy-Clean.
"Hi, Rufus and I just bought some cleaner sold by a huckster on television!"
by dickster March 13, 2003
Two words or phrases that contradict each other. (can also be a contradictory statement)
I support obama and our Troops
jumbo shrimp
virus free windows pc
by everywheretome September 29, 2009
An extremely stupid bovine.

Used to amplify the effect of calling one a cow, or a moron.
You retarded oxymoron!
by NorthEastWestSouth October 10, 2007
a coice street punk band
oxymoron is a combination of oi and punk, hence the name
by steph January 02, 2004
A pairing of words that conflict or contradict each other.

Fan Dub
Rap Music
Intelligent Democrat
Free Healthcare
Stupid Jap
Honest Politician
Communism Works
Sober Irishman
Courageous French
English Cuisine
Talented DeviantART
To make a shitty English clip of an anime and call if a "Fandub" is an oxymoron.
by アキバ October 28, 2009
-A smiling moron who talks really loud and is very convincing. They normally try to sell you cleaning products.
-Anyone stupid enough to buy the products sold on late night tv.
That guy on the Oxy clean commercials, he's and Oxymoron.
by Hotshooter August 14, 2007