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OX (noun): a slang term used to describe a sharp blade
im gonna cut that foo with mah ox
by Davy Reins January 31, 2004
1. A box cutter or razor carried as a weapon.
"When that motherfucka stepped to me I pulled out my ox and gave his bitch-ass a buck fifty!"
by El-Keter July 26, 2002
OXYCODONE/OXYCONTIN. Pain medication that is easy to overdose on. The term ox used by fiends more by people who are smoking them off tin foil.
"Yo you good wit that ox?"

"Still got any OX left?"
by fallensociety March 23, 2013
1. An emoticon used to show frustration or confusion.

2. An emoticon used to show pain.
1. "How do you get this damn thing to work?! o.x"

2. "You poked my fucking eye out! o.x"
by Nymosy August 07, 2004
meaning "awkward" or "weird" uncomfortable situation

Deriving from the word "awkward" which can be shortened to "awks" ....which sounds like..."ox". the plural(kind of like the long word of awkward) is oxen.

so. awks = ox
awkward = oxen.
Girl 1:Did you see what she was doing to Michael's hair? that was beyond oxen..

Girl 2: Oh tell me about it, so oxen.
by skuze May 14, 2011
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