Nana I'd like to fuck.
Dude, your tia carmella is one fine ass ole' nilf. You've got to tell her to come over and cook some chorizo so I can tax that taco.
by 123notit September 02, 2012
nigger i'd like to fuck.
did you see that guy? he was a nilf in my books.
by joceK November 26, 2007
Nun I'd Like to Fuck
Wow, there goes one hot nilf! I envy her priest.
by king of canada June 19, 2006
Nigger I'd like to fuck.
Oh damn that black guy is so hot, he's a NILF!
by GretchenPeters October 25, 2007
Nana id like to fuck
That is one fine nana id like to fuck... that is a nilf
by fine nilf November 06, 2007
Acronym for "Nintendo I'd Like (to) Fuck"
John Smith:
Yo' bitch that Gamecube lookin' fine I'd like to stick my pee pee in it's memory card slot

Joe Smitt:
I fully agree with your assessment. I am very aroused by the sight of this gaming system, and would go so far as to call it a NILF
by Giant Enemy Crab July 15, 2006
Negro I Would Like to Fuck
Ewww, you think that black bitch is a NILF!!!
by s-BErt August 23, 2006

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