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Runner's World. A magazine read by hydration belt wearing, gel pack eating, headlight wearing, and reflective strip wearing enthusiasts. The magazine and website is geared towards the wanna-be sub-5 hour marathoners and overweight, 50 year old moms. A complete disgrace and joke among the competitive running community.
Real Runner 1: "Dude, look at that 250 pound woman slogging her way to a 6 hour marathon."
Real Runner 2: "She must read Runner's World." (RW)
by BexRunner March 18, 2008
Rw - Remeber When....
Usually used on a social media site to recall an event or events
Rw we use to go camping...
by PinkUnicornThroughTickleForest January 27, 2013
Real World
Allan continued to spam message boards, not expecting there to be RW consequences.
by RandyGiles March 01, 2015
What you call a female who spends way too much time on internet socialising sites, to gain attention and internet popularity. Quite often will use PC4PC, and take photographs in peculiar places. If this is you, you're an R.W
Did you see (insert name)'s new profile picture on Facebook!? She's such an R.W!
by USAgirl December 27, 2010
A rewipe.
The act of rewiping your butt after taking a sloppy crap.
I had to RW because I got swamp ass.
by Butch Eeks January 27, 2008
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