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a white person generally a chav about 12-18 that thinks that they are black.
white guy: fo shizzle ma nizzle you white peice of shit, yo cum round my turf, ill show you what the meaning of hench black guy means. Player hater.
guy: shut the fuck up you twat wigger.
by stallwood123 March 14, 2008
abreviation for Call of duty 4 modern warfare.
possibly the best online game that ps3, x-box 360 and computer has seen.
guy: mate, i fuckin owned you last nite on cod4.
by stallwood123 March 14, 2008
Are you my bezzie? in french.
literal translation: you are my bezzie.
oftenly used when you go up to a random person, say it really strangely and leave them bemused and somewhat scared.
guy: TU ES MON BEZZIE??????
random: stay away from me, freak.
by stallwood123 March 14, 2008
a bag of mariguana that costs 10 british pounds
buyer: yo bruv sort me bare 10
dealer: kk you didn't get this from me.
buyer.; sef sef bred.
by stallwood123 March 14, 2008
nurse i'd like to fuck
same as mother but with a bangable nurse
holy shit she's a NILF!
patient: I think your a proper NILF.
Nurse: What?
Patient: Nurse id like to ....
Nurse: ...fuck
patient: yeah.
by stallwood123 March 14, 2008
a girl that shows her pussy to anyone who asks.
Boy: yeah bruv that girl iz waste gash.
Boy2; yeah i know so is her mutha
boy1: so what your mum is waste gash to.
Boy 2: thats well harsh, yo mum is a sket cadet, fool.
by stallwood123 March 14, 2008
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