Nun id like to fuck
usually referring to one of the sisters of perpetual indulgence
Sister Nova China is a NILF
by Avid_Breathe December 27, 2010
N.I.L.F., or simply "nilf", is the abbreviation for "nun I'd like to fuck." In other words, it is a woman ordained in the sacrament of Holy Orders that one desires to engage in sexual intercourse with.
You're probably quite strange if you think a nun is a N.I.L.F., but I'm not judging.
"I only go to church so I can see that N.I.L.F. in the back row praying the rosary."

Guy A: "Oh man she is such a NILF!"
Guy B: "...That's just wrong..."
by the urban dick. February 11, 2010
Nana I'd like to fuck.
Dude, your tia carmella is one fine ass ole' nilf. You've got to tell her to come over and cook some chorizo so I can tax that taco.
by 123notit September 02, 2012
(N)atty (I)'d (L)ike to (F)inish
I was at a party looking for some beer than out of the corner my eye, I saw her. She was looking so fresh, so good, I just had to go over there and see what's up. This NILF gave me the best night I ever could have expected.
by Pup.N.Sud April 20, 2010
Newfie I'd Like To Fuck
Timmy: Did you see Alexandra yesterday
John: Yeah, she is one NILF
by I Love Ghetto Booty October 30, 2008
Nun I'd like to fuck.
You see a hotty nun walking down the street and think (or say), "Now there's a real NILF!"
by Trishamak July 10, 2008
Ninja I'd like to fuck. Mysterious, nameless phenomenon in ancient Japan where sexually repressed women would fantasize about having wild animal sex with Ninjas. The recent proliferation of ilfisms has led to its rediscovery and nilfs were finally given a proper name.
Oh, me so hoeny me fuck many, many nilf.
by Slimemold August 19, 2007

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