not even down. someone who doesn't wanna go out or passes out early. lame, not down to have a good time.
"He didn't wanna go to the party Saturday, he fell asleep at like 10 o'clock!"
"he ALWAYS does that, he's such a ned."
by down to party February 12, 2013
a good name for a penis.
he named it ned.
by oh-noes June 27, 2009
Verb, used for Nap, Eat, Drink. A cycle of activities and a great way to spend a weekend. Can also be NEDS, which includes Sex, or ED for just Eating and Drinking.
"I am looking forward to this weekend, I just want to NED all day Saturday and Sunday."


"That way some great NEDing, but now it is back to the grind."
by AH3 December 04, 2007
a little tiny town in the middle of the mountains, CO where the completely ridiculous holiday "Frozen Dead Guy Days" takes place every March. Also known to be home to some of the world's largest stoners.
"Where are you from?"
"You don't look like a weed-smokin' hippie..."
by 2chels3 March 10, 2007
in scotland usually glasgow, a person who will wear white (usually lacoste) tracksuits, burberry hats and a lot of fake gold jewelery. speak a ceratin way, usually hang about getting drunk/wasted/vandalising/fighing. stands for non educated delinquent
ned 1: aight man?
ned 2: aye who dae yous fight fare
ned 1: shawlands
ned 2: i fight fer newton mearns ye fucking shawlnds wanker
by kinkyboots September 05, 2006
Non-Existent Deity

An acronym for atheists to use instead of God.
"Oh my N.E.D!"
"Dear N.E.D, please help me pass this test."
by splatter March 07, 2012
A midget/dwarf sized Domestic Long Haired cat, originating from an alley. Usually of black or gray color. Easy to capture with salami or turkey. Tends to be quite difficult to tame. Best left in alley. Illegal in some states.

In Britain, referred to as a Nigel
Grab some turkey!! I've spotted a NED!
by Tha Rill Slim Shadyy November 07, 2010

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