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Best used as a come back
If someone were to say 'You're gay' come back with 'So's yer maw'
by Ross August 21, 2003
can be used at any time, in any situation
"yer maw"
by sean September 22, 2003
can be used at almnost any moment and in any situation for any purpose at any time.
'Yer Maw'
by clarence boddicker March 19, 2003
A comeback. Usually the last resort in an argument, but sometimes the first if you can't be bothered with an argument or conversation. Normally short for "I had your maw" (meaning "I had sexual intercourse with your mother")
'That's shite.'
'So's yer maw.'

'You owe me.'
'Yeah, well your maw owes me for last night.'

'You're such a gay.'
'I think your maw would disagree.'

'Fuck you.'
'Shit, watch out. Here comes your maw, an' it looks like she's got an erection.'
by Eamonn H May 03, 2007
Your Mother.
Yer maw is yer maw, but she might also be yer da?
aye, you fuckin heard, bitch.
"A wiz nailin yer maw tae rah grund last night n she farted a belter, so a punched her right in the flaps! She'll ken never tae dae that again eh?"
by Yer maw. April 08, 2007
A scottish phrase which means 'your mother'.Usually used as an insult, though is commonplace among neds as they do not feature the ability to speak properly.
Awright Cusick, a kicked yer maw's back door in last night.
by McN February 23, 2004
"your mother". Used as an insult.
And yer maw!
by kangaruth January 25, 2004
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