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vb; To have a brief look at.
Chiefly Glaswegian Scots
Gie us a swatch of yer fanny!
by Keith February 05, 2005
Swatch means in general - to have a brief look.

Girls have been using that word lately as an expression for testing make up products. So, when someone buys some new make up, they swatch it - try it out, put on one time on their face, eyes, lips.

Usually that means, either they put some product directly on their face or they try out the colors on their wrists, hands. Then, take a photo of it and post it on blog or in Youtube video for others to see how that color stays on skin.
These are the the swatches of the Elf Beauty School Eye shadow I bought for $5.00.

I swatched almost all of these colors with a very thin base of Too Faced Shadow Insurance just so they’d stick better.
by alguna July 27, 2011
A word that is substituted in place of another word (name, person, verb, noun, etc.) that is meant to hold underlying connotations.
I swatched your mom last night.

Look at that swatch, what a dirty swatch.

I just took a swatch today, what did you do, Swatch?
by Swatchbuckler. October 20, 2011
swatch, ie ( give us a swatch ) give me a shot. To use for ones general purpose
could I have a shot of your phone.
give us a swatch of yer phone.
by handjobs4crak January 16, 2012
verb - to spontaneously switch watches with someone
Sara and I got so drunk last night we swatched her gold Michael Kors for my silver.

My watch totally didn't match my outfit so I swatched with Haley for the night.
by accessorylush November 14, 2011
Pronounced sw-at-ch
Combination of the words "Sweat" and "Snatch"
Word Refers to a sweaty dirty and disease ridden female genitalia.
1a. Noun "She sure has a potent swatch today!"

by Ajax/ Bun-B September 26, 2006
n. 1. the perineum or area between a man's testicles and anus
Derived from English: Sweaty Patch
by Graham Anderson July 15, 2003
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