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Neds are youths usually from Glasgow in Scotland,
They gather in gangs and bully goths, emos etc.

Theyre 'booze' or alchohol doesn't include cider much to the dismay of these morons, it includes Buckfast($5.00) MD/ESQ($5.00) 8 Cans of Tennants($6.59)
Senga is a made up word (Like many of this shit about neds here) made by some fools from GlasgowSurvival.co.uk

They gang up and fight other gangs from other areas, in which it is necessary to carry protection if they're out by thereselves (A 'Blade') Usually a Lock-back knife or a telescopic police baton craftily tucked up the sleeve.

The gangs have spread over Glasgow and it's a good thing so they can keep the population of gays out of Scotland.

Sometimes the Topmen of each gang take other areas Topmen 'Square goes' which I pressume means a Fair fight.

Weapons include (In order of popularity):
Bottles, Knives, Golf clubs, Hammers, Bats
Knuckledusters etc. Fortunatly we don't get guns readily available here in Scotland otherwise all hell would break lose!

Watch the movie Small Faces, it's good.
Shugzy dropped Sloan's 'wee' brother down a flight of stairs at the dancing, Only for Shugzy to turn up the next night with a golf club and take Sloan's eye out.

He is such a ned.
by krab February 18, 2006
A ghost that lives in an air vent, and speaks with a very funny voice, sounding like barny from the simpsons but more high pitched!!!
if you ever hear a wind like sound from the air vent, it will be ned, he is a friendly ghost, but he may startle you with his magnificent voice!!!
by cocktail_queen September 27, 2007
a rare bird from new guinea
look its a ned bird!
by hotaxi November 03, 2006
Non-Educated Delinquent.
Usually found in or around Glasgow, Scotland hanging around shop corners drinking a tonic wine named "Buckfast" and showing each other their 'blades'
by Stewart Hannan July 20, 2005
NED- Non-Educated Dummy.
Why is Ruby acting that way? She is acting that way because she is such a NED.
by R. Louise Cheshire Skywalker January 06, 2011
An arsehole who finds fun in beating up anyone, mainly nerds,geeks, goths, emos, moshers, and old people. Characterised by extreme stupidity and high-pitched voice.

Thought to stand for Non-Educcated Delinquant, they originated in Glosgow

These are the type of people you see hanging about street corners smoking dope and drinking vodka that go around stabbing each other and putting in on YouTube, giving Britain a bad name. The Scottish equivalent of Chav.
Neds go around smoking dope and drinking alchohol getting pissed and stabbing people they are somplete arseholes so lets destroy the ned.
by NedNChavHater32624 March 21, 2009
Anybody who wears Burberry, drinks "Buckie" and hangs about randomly on street corners of a night with their shell-suit bottoms tucked into their socks. Stands for Non Educated Delinquent. Also, sticks up middle finger at any nearby camera in a vain attempt to look like a "hard man". The female version sports sovereign rings on every finger and is commonly referred to as a "Senga".
"What a wee ned!"
by Hailey October 25, 2003