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Northeast Drunk. An alcoholic resident/semi-transient denizen of Northeast Minneapolis.

They once thundered across the post-industrial Nordeast wasteland in great numbers, but gentrification and the closing of Sully's bar have severely curtailed their numbers in recent years.
Typified by the wearing of trucker caps, having of grimy beards, nicotine stained fingers, and less than optimal dental counts.

Northeast has a long and storied drinking tradition, but the beginning of the modern NED era can be traced to the closing of the Grain Belt Brewery in 1976.
NED :"I used to work at the Grain Belt Brewery. I'm waiting for the place to open up again so I can get my job back."
Me, on bus:"Didn't that place close like 30 years ago? And isn't it now a library and condominium?"
NED:"They can make it a brewery again."
ME:"Well, good luck."
NED:"Spare anything for some Natural Ice?"
by nedjr January 17, 2011
Pants related to pizza.
1) Pants worn while enjoying pizza. Old trousers, or in a stain-hiding color or pattern.

2) Pants one is relegated to wearing because you have pizza butt ,aka fat pants.

3) Pants in which one has experienced a pizza-related GI event, aka squirts

4) Theoretical pants made from pizza. Not a real thing, don't be stupid.
1) "Got my pizza pants on, let's go to Luce."

2) "Can't wait until spring when I can get some exercise, lose some weight, and ditch the pizza pants."

3) "I had to take the bus home early, and change outta my nasty pizza pants. I am never going to Pizza Hut again."

4) "Seagulls attacked me in the parking lot. Teaches me for wearing pizza pants."
by nedjr December 04, 2011

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