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also scottish (fife) slang for "i dont"
I dinnae ken whit ye mean (I dont know what you mean)
by Big Chief February 03, 2003
Scottish slang for "did not"
"Dinnae say sorry, you dinnae do nothing wrong."
by PizzleCizzle January 24, 2003
A name - a phonetic version of Danaë and Dené.

Meanings vary, but include: Shower of gold (Greek), Bright as day (English), People (Athabaskan) and God is my judge or she who judges (Hebrew).

In Greek Mythology, Danaë was the human (mortal) mother of Perseus, the demi-God who slayed Medusa. (Danaë was impregnated by Zeus in a "shower of golden rain.") In current culture, the movie The Clash of the Titans (2010) was loosely based around the myth of Perseus.

In First Nations/Native Americans, referring to any of the Athabaskan-speaking tribes of Alaska and Northern Canada, and their languages, dialects and history.

Dinnae is also a form of Diane, Diana, Dyan, Denay.
"Dinnae is going out for a run now, she can call you later."
by bluemanechick March 07, 2014
Means Don't this is a correction of the other word in this dictionary who say 'Scottish' people use the word when it is atcually Edinburghians (people from Edinburgh, Scotland) who use this word. It is usually accompanied by 'ken' meaning know also used by Edinburghians not Glaswegian's.
I dinnae ken! Meaning I don't know!
by Dylan Ritchie August 03, 2009
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