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Gaaah, uuhhh...not knowing I cannot say with an accustomed degree of accuacy, and not wishing to deviate what is strict truth, I must decline to answer, for your ticanic intellect is far too copius for my benign understanding. That person was probably not the least non uninteligent organic life form it's been my extreme lack of dipleasure not having been able to avoid meeting. Oh I wish I were an Oscar Meyer wiener. Tell him about the twinky. And all the hoos down in hooville won the lottery as the seas turned a particularly interesting shade of pink. Peace on earth good will towards...Auqualung my friend. I've decided to relocate to Pleasent Valley 26809 so as to leave it to Beaver. I will survive 'cause it's raining men......halleluia!
More to come? Uhhhh......

WTF! Are you some kind of n00b or something?
by goldtoofblingbling November 06, 2004
look in a mirror n00b
by Chibbzpants November 03, 2009
A cool way to insult others on the internet.
person 1- stfu n00b.

person 2- ZOMG IM NAWT TEH N00b. :3
by Noobski July 28, 2009
A word that is used for describing Kiko!
Kiko: Abe ne znam da instaliram!
Gapo: Pa n00b si! hahaha xD
by Krali_Marko May 29, 2008
If you're on the internet looking for what n00b means, then you're definately a n00b.
Chloe "what does n00b mean?"
Lee "look on the internet"
by KillLeeKill February 20, 2008
A very annoying user, commonly new into an online game, who acts against the game rules, with a very rude acctitude to others.

Regardless about level, the n00b is a very annoying user.

Usually they use l33t, so it's hard to understand what they say.

They claim to be pro, you can tell who is n00b and who isn't by their username, like "pro_user" and related.

The word itself is used like an insult to a player, since the n00bs are the scum of computer games
Use of l33t: 1m 700 p00r 70 d0 50m37h1ng

Calling others n00b:

How you can do this?
lol, such a n00b, lol, ur st00p1d
by Sandthief March 16, 2006
A term which refers to a first time player of a game, or a player who relies on spraying to kill everyone else. Often has not used the terms "boomstick" or "I just PWNED you". N00bs are pwned by pros, and are known to become frustrated at times. Note that some players are only n00bs at certain games, and are not bad at every game.
Example 1
-playing Call Of Duty 4-
Jordan: Foley, what are you doing?
Foley: I'm spraying

Example 2
-playing Guitar Hero 3-
Shane: Time to pwn some n00bs on Through The Fire And Flames :)
Random dude: I LIKEZ GH3!
Shane: yeah I hope you "likez" TTFAF too
Random dude: OH NOZZZ!!
Shane: LOL n00b pwnage
by ShaneMolloy August 10, 2008

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