A word that is used for describing Kiko!
Kiko: Abe ne znam da instaliram!
Gapo: Pa n00b si! hahaha xD
by Krali_Marko May 29, 2008
also see noob.

n00b is the advanced version of noob.
1) refers to one who does not know what n00b or noob means.
2) also refers to someone who searches on urbandictionary.com to find out what n00b means.
kid 1: What does n00b mean?
kid 2: It means you are a n00b.
by DrkRatchet105 April 07, 2008
If you're on the internet looking for what n00b means, then you're definately a n00b.
Chloe "what does n00b mean?"
Lee "look on the internet"
by KillLeeKill February 20, 2008
A Nobbly Boob =D

Omg Have Yuu Seen Her N00bs??
by BryonyAnne October 27, 2007
A n00b is a game player with experience in whatever game they are playing, yet still conduct themselves with no respect for anyone else. Typically a n00b scams, irritates or in any other possible way makes life difficult for other plays. Different to a newb who is simply an inexperienced player.
Player 1: "Some n00b just scammed me!"
Player 2: "What is it with those new players anyway!? No respect!"
Player 1: "Not a newb, they're understandable, n00bs just have problems!"
by sassy kempter June 29, 2007
A newbie is a newcomer to a particular field, the term being commonly used on the Internet, where it might refer to new, inexperienced, or ignorant users of a game, a newsgroup, an operating system or the Internet itself. The term is generally regarded as an insult, although in many cases more experienced/knowledgeable people use it in purposes of negative reinforcement, urging "newbies" to learn more about the field or area in question.

Variant spellings, such as newb, nub, noob, nooblet, foob, noobcake and, in Leetspeak, n00b are numerous and common in Internet use. The term newb itself is usually used to refer to a person who is new to the field in question, whereas noob is used as an insult. For example, in the internet show "Pure Pwnage," the main character regularly says, "I pwn noobs," in this case, meaning he beats people of lower skill than himself.
Gunner002 is a n00b, He spams Gameon
by Everyone on the Internet November 07, 2006
A very annoying user, commonly new into an online game, who acts against the game rules, with a very rude acctitude to others.

Regardless about level, the n00b is a very annoying user.

Usually they use l33t, so it's hard to understand what they say.

They claim to be pro, you can tell who is n00b and who isn't by their username, like "pro_user" and related.

The word itself is used like an insult to a player, since the n00bs are the scum of computer games
Use of l33t: 1m 700 p00r 70 d0 50m37h1ng

Calling others n00b:

How you can do this?
lol, such a n00b, lol, ur st00p1d
by Sandthief March 16, 2006
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