an outdated,stupid piece of shit insult that is/was usually used by gaming nerds and wow lovers all generally has no meaning,considering there are all different definitions for the word on this site,and since it isn't a real word,this is the only place you can find it defined,not in a dictionary.i haven't heard anyone say "n00b" or type it in over a year,so it's definatly outdated at this that saying,anyone that still uses it HERE in 2009 is just a fuckin complete loser,and a lifeless good for nothing piece of you better put down the video games,and get a fucking life.
typical online teen kid:aww bro,shut the hell up man,your just a "n00b",you piece of crap "n00b".so get a life "n00b".

me:yeah noob doesn't mean jack stop trying to diss me by using such a shitty insult.and if your using that word still,your the one that needs to get a life,cause your a lazy worthless piece of gamer shit,and you don't know fucking nothing.
#noob #faggot #pussy #worthless #lowlife #homo #gamer fags
by y2c April 17, 2009
Illoterate person who has reduced themselves to spelling with poor grammar, acronyms, symbols, and numbers.
(n00b:1)L1k3 OMG I CaN't b3l13v3 That!!!!1
(n00b:2)YeA I n0
#n00b #idiot-n00b #go-die-you-n00b #l1k3-0mg #n00b-ish
by Name Withdrawn July 31, 2006
A n00b is someone who is either new to the PC gaming community or just has no skill. They usually blame their lack of skill and/or intelligence on things like lag, hackers, dirt on their screen, ect.
n00b:"if W makes me go forward will S make me go backwards?"
good gamer:"omg that guy is such a n00b, lets go pwn him."
#n00b #pwn #pwned #gamer #teh_pwnerer
by Mr.B_444 July 08, 2006
A clueless twit. twit, clueless, livejournal, lj
Gaaah, uuhhh...not knowing I cannot say with an accustomed degree of accuacy, and not wishing to deviate what is strict truth, I must decline to answer, for your ticanic intellect is far too copius for my benign understanding. That person was probably not the least non uninteligent organic life form it's been my extreme lack of dipleasure not having been able to avoid meeting. Oh I wish I were an Oscar Meyer wiener. Tell him about the twinky. And all the hoos down in hooville won the lottery as the seas turned a particularly interesting shade of pink. Peace on earth good will towards...Auqualung my friend. I've decided to relocate to Pleasent Valley 26809 so as to leave it to Beaver. I will survive 'cause it's raining men......halleluia!
More to come? Uhhhh......

WTF! Are you some kind of n00b or something?
by goldtoofblingbling November 06, 2004
look in a mirror n00b
#n00b #kittens #keven spacey #dutch #stationwaggon
by Chibbzpants November 03, 2009
A cool way to insult others on the internet.
person 1- stfu n00b.

person 2- ZOMG IM NAWT TEH N00b. :3
#pwn #noob #newbie #zomg #teh
by Noobski July 28, 2009
Someone who dont know how to play anyways he goes in.
1.Look man,What a n00b this guy is...
3.this man looks unpr0
4.Wow, Damn n00b, look at his score. 0kills and 38 deaths...
#n00b #nub #pr0 #score #nubcake
by iwannahaveacookie October 19, 2008
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