Crap put-down used by people who spend too much time playing video games. Aimed at those who have better things to do than spend all day playing World of Warcraft, and have a lesser knowledge of the subject than the "insulter".
Player 1 - "I don't know what to do"

Player 2 - "That's because you're a n00b!"

Player 1 - "No, that's because I haven't spent most of my life in an imaginary world battling leprechauns and elves, living with my parents, and fantasizing over Lara Croft you fucking prick!"
by mattmanoman August 10, 2008
A word used way to much in the game of "RS" also known as "RuneScape". Most often used by those who have "no life". Also used alot by retards.
Runescape Player 1: Buying 100 Lobbies 250 ea!
Runescape Player 2: *Trades and puts up 10 Lobbies*
Runescape Player 1: N00B!!
by I-Has-Cake! November 19, 2007
As apposed to what is apearently common belief, newb is actually very different from N00b. A noob or n00b is someone who asks stupid questions, to annoy others, or knowingly uses bad spelling/grammar in a *literate thread*. They also usually spam quite often. (online, not e-mails.)

a newb or newbie is someone who is new to something, as the word implies.
for n00b:
V first post in thread, an example of spam/1337 V
sp00fmonkeyjoebob: lolZ0rZ!! I pWN aLl 0f YOUZ!!! :rofl:
lady_claire: Leave my literate thread N00b! Before I report you!

for newb:
jimmy: I just joined last week, I thought this game would be easier!!
~arf_man~: Aww. Poor newb. You will get better. *Pats you on the head*
by sarcoz November 20, 2006
A term used to describe a non-prow person usually in a computer game. The person despite of experience does not gain skill or knowlege of the game and hinders and hurts his team.
Bob is a n00b. he does not listen to his team and therefore fails to accomplish team objectives.
by Andy the stelcy July 26, 2006
Usually categorized as someone on a game who complains and uses cheats rather than getting better on their own. Commonly used as a synonym for newb. These are NOT the same word. A newb is someone new to the game. A n00b is generally fairly annoying, and refers to newbies as n00bs.
Example of improper use-
Immature High level:*Passes beginner player* n00b

Real use-
Char1:Oh man, it'll take forever to finish this! Have you done it before?
Char2:No, I'm just getting all the answers from a fansite.
Char1:((probably not in the chat)) n00b.
by K.F. April 21, 2006
YOU, for not knowing the meaning of the word n00b.
LOL, n00b...
Oh hey, that n00b just got PWNd.

by asdffffffjk;ljlksjdf November 10, 2010
A person who had to look up this definition.
You are a n00b for not knowing about this entry.
by MystRivenExile April 30, 2009
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