A term which refers to a first time player of a game, or a player who relies on spraying to kill everyone else. Often has not used the terms "boomstick" or "I just PWNED you". N00bs are pwned by pros, and are known to become frustrated at times. Note that some players are only n00bs at certain games, and are not bad at every game.
Example 1
-playing Call Of Duty 4-
Jordan: Foley, what are you doing?
Foley: I'm spraying

Example 2
-playing Guitar Hero 3-
Shane: Time to pwn some n00bs on Through The Fire And Flames :)
Random dude: I LIKEZ GH3!
Shane: yeah I hope you "likez" TTFAF too
Random dude: OH NOZZZ!!
Shane: LOL n00b pwnage
by ShaneMolloy August 10, 2008
Someone who is stupid, or nosensical.
noob - A person says 'Oh is it raining' when clearly in the rain. Another person may replay, 'God, you're such a n00b!'
by tsarcasmic July 10, 2008
Anybody who looks up this word.
guy 1. hey whats a n00b?
guy 2. You.

(guy 2 walks away.)
by anahhnymous April 07, 2008
a loser who obsesses with Borat.
Erika is total n00b.
by the_new_lyn December 13, 2007
(v) To molest someone in a hideous manner, often repeated soon after the first n00bing.
Duke: HeY GuyS WhAT's goiNG On?
Mark: >_> *n00bs the noob*
Duke: wTf juSt HapenED?!
Chazz: You just got molested by the n00ber...
by Sword Dancer November 25, 2007

Someone that is new and clueless!
Evelyn: Omg, i love to tease the n00bs in habbo hotel!
Greer: Nah, GAIA!
by Evzor October 01, 2007
a gay loser word and a very gay loser way to type it; a word spoken by pussy gamers who think they're tough
charlie: haha u just got pwned and owned u n00b!
sara: wtf are u talking about? *kicks charlie's ass*
by Thomas78 October 23, 2006
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