Someone who is stupid, or nosensical.
noob - A person says 'Oh is it raining' when clearly in the rain. Another person may replay, 'God, you're such a n00b!'
by tsarcasmic July 10, 2008
Anybody who looks up this word.
guy 1. hey whats a n00b?
guy 2. You.

(guy 2 walks away.)
by anahhnymous April 07, 2008
a loser who obsesses with Borat.
Erika is total n00b.
by the_new_lyn December 13, 2007
(v) To molest someone in a hideous manner, often repeated soon after the first n00bing.
Duke: HeY GuyS WhAT's goiNG On?
Mark: >_> *n00bs the noob*
Duke: wTf juSt HapenED?!
Chazz: You just got molested by the n00ber...
by Sword Dancer November 25, 2007

Someone that is new and clueless!
Evelyn: Omg, i love to tease the n00bs in habbo hotel!
Greer: Nah, GAIA!
by Evzor October 01, 2007
a gay loser word and a very gay loser way to type it; a word spoken by pussy gamers who think they're tough
charlie: haha u just got pwned and owned u n00b!
sara: wtf are u talking about? *kicks charlie's ass*
by Thomas78 October 23, 2006
Someone who spams, annoys members of sites and shortcuts frequently. Usually on a chat or game site and most are new but not all new people are n00bs.
n00b:OMG post this in 10 boards and you'll get (insert ridiculous wish here).!!!!!!!

NOT a n00b:Hi i've just joined this site :)

There are a lot of n00bs on Neopets, for example.
by SkrewyRebirth March 21, 2006

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