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A name for the most awesome girl ever. A girl who is constantly thinking about others and never herself. Good looking, kind, selfless, and funny. Loves surrounding herself with close friends and always enjoys life.
Stacey is the epitome of class and good taste.
by mattluck November 19, 2009
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Stacey is a shortening for the Greek name Anastasia, meaning; Rebirth, resurrection, etc.

Staceys tend to be beautiful, geeky, and eccentric girls. She's not too flashy, not too preppy. But she doesn't throw on dirty clothes like she doesn't care. She's a little self conscious about her body, but that doesn't stop her smiles. She's positive, a great influence on others around her, and you know that someday, she'll be a great mother.

But be careful of her temper. She doesn't lose it often, but once you cross the line, she freaks.

Other spellings are Stacy, Staci, and Stacee.
Wow, that girl is so different that she MUST be a Stacey!
by nightmarish_shadows July 22, 2010
She's a girl who is constantly thinking about others and never herself. Great smile. Awesome hair. Party Animal. Good looking. Kind. Selfless. Funny. Loves surrounding herself with close friends and always enjoys life. She's a country girl down to the core and at heart. Loves country music, can get a temper so don't piss her off or get on her bad side. She can ruin your entire day. She has sweet revenge like Taylor Swift. Doesn't get along with most girls. Eyes that will drive you mad and a body that will drive you wild. She's the "it" girl. The guys will love her and the girls will want to be her. She is the girl every one wants to be around.
Why did I let go of Stacey, why did I let her get away.
by CGirlXo26469212 December 02, 2012
the most amazing girl there is. .she is beautiful, liked by everyonee and is very outgoing. she is a great friend and people would be lucky to have her in their life. Stacey's are genuine, joyful and assertive. Be careful though Stacey's often surround themselves with people associated with the mob. Keep one eye open.
by watermelon605 November 23, 2012
adjective (stey-see)
an all encompassing establishment of bold excellence.
A:Damn, did you try the oatmeal this morning?

B: Ya, man that shit be stacey.

A: Fly fellas won’t be able to keep their hands off of me, I’m lookin’ stacey tonight.
by pretties November 14, 2010
Stacey is the epitome of a mingah.
A Stacey can often be found wondering the headlands of the Northern Beaches with the magical ladybug and her fellow smelly passenger that loves her like a fat kid loves cake. None the less she is simply beautiful inside and out. ♥
Unfortunately for the Stacey she collected this passenger at a rough point in time with a rather interesting introduction but now she's stuck with her. This little cling-on loves her dearly though and would do almost anything for her ♥
Sadly, some Stacey's don't quite realise how amazing they are and this leads to some upsetting moments. The cling-on will always reminds her of her importance and amazingfullness despite how much she thinks the Stacey will actually take it in..
Overall a Stacey is an amazing and absolutely beautiful person that this cling-on is so glad to have found and couldn't go without anymore (: ♥
Stacey's mum. That is all.
by Tealeaf ♥ November 25, 2013
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