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A contraction for Man Bunt.
A man bunt is when a male kickball player bunts.
This is looked down upon as m'unters are considered weak, pussies, sallys. M'unters are not respected.
John m'unted in a desperate attempt to get on base.
by Albart May 26, 2006
13 33
A cross between a Morbid/Cunt
Christ, that Munt does nothin but complain and give out about people!
by razord January 17, 2011
11 32
A man with a cunt. Usually used to describe roided up female Olympic athletes.
Natasha was stripped of her Olympic gold in weight lifting after a physical examination revealed she was a Munt.
by Mars57 July 13, 2010
7 31
Meaning, a white rabbit looking for food frantically
The cute munt was looking for a carrot
by Brake35 July 03, 2011
12 37
n. A scrotumless male with the emotional and mental cognizance of a cunt; inability to maintain a decided course of action; manifested visions of grandiose and self importance coupled with flat affect - similar to sociopaths.

v. - mun-ty - irrational and illogical male behavior synonymous with hormonal females
Damn, girl, that guy is a total munt.
by mobeth April 20, 2010
13 38
A shit covered post-anal taint.
After the intense gape session, I looked at her munt with satisfaction and disgust.
by TorkLugnutz November 13, 2009
15 40
a word replacing any (or even all words in a sentence to make it more confusing for other people)
noun: he is a munt
verb: he munted it
adverb: he was munting fast
adjective: he was munted

the munt munted the munt, it was munt!!!
by Wor-Nessy March 28, 2009
38 63