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Mainlining a drug into your bloodstream, drawing back the syringe to refill it with blood, and then injecting it back into your arm. The theory being, the blood injected back into your bloodstream, will carry with it, any residule narcotic leftover in the syringe.
"I saw the junkie in the alleyway booting his heroin three times over, before he finally nodded off."
by D. Gould March 12, 2006
105 39
throwing up (usually from drinking)
Yo, I got ripped on those sake bombs, and spent the rest of the night booting.
by Sorel February 11, 2007
100 38
A "boo ting" is slang for a boyfriend.
Guy: Run me brains?

Girl: No I have a boo ting
by Boobsmakemesmile July 18, 2011
4 10
dating no strings attached. an open relationship where you can hook up with other people.
Boy: "I can't believe you hooked up with him, you cheated on me!"
Girl: "We're booting remember? So it wasn't cheating, chill out"
by Herbatic May 25, 2006
12 68