a person's little toes
i have one toe and 4 munts
by rabbit32 July 10, 2008
A term for a woman who is a mix between a cunt and a munter.
Connor: "that girl you were with last night was a complete munter"
Kevin: "You should of seen her friend, complete munt"
by trigger fingers KMA October 27, 2013
Originally came from the phrase "man cunt", and is commonly used in place of the word "bitch" when describing a female of the annoying, bitchy, (and usually drunk) variety
That munt puked all over me at the party last weekend
by Spinneh December 30, 2010
To Munt. Or when one is Munthing.

Munting is the act of a vagina moaning.

A cunt moaning.
Or someone bitching or moaning.
William needs to stop Munting!
by muntman October 18, 2012
There is no word for not being able to smell. If you can't see, you're blind; can't hear, you're deaf, but what about not being able to smell? There is no word for this, and it's a very common occurrence. Anytime you have a cold or you're stuffed up with a flu, etc. you lose the sense of smell.

The word munt has its origins over 20 years ago when my friend Tyler Carlo created the word in Richmond, Virginia when we were in high school. I've used the word ever since, and most people don't even question its validity.
Wow, that roast smells wonderful! Sorry, I've got a cold today and I'm munt, too bad I wish I could smell it !!
by Thanks Tyler October 01, 2013
a male cunt
anyone with the john gotti blow out hair do, spray tans, ed hardy clothing and is an all around douchebag is a munt
by thebmonkey December 09, 2009
the act of kicking a man in the testicles from behind while on his hands and knees; also known as the "man-punt"
My friend just found out her boyfriend of two years has been cheating on her, man I'd like to munt him!
by gotmunt March 11, 2010
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