to be under the influence of something, usually something illegal ;) such as xtc
'fuck she was munted'
'god i really wanna get munted'
'she hugs everyone when shes munted'
by + * . Charlie . + * August 03, 2004
A man with a cunt. Usually used to describe roided up female Olympic athletes.
Natasha was stripped of her Olympic gold in weight lifting after a physical examination revealed she was a Munt.
by Mars57 July 13, 2010
1) a period of time ranging from a few days to a few months.

2) timeframe to decscribe a length of employment at a new job.

3) Long Lapse of time.

Q. How long you been working at the shop?

A. Like a munt and some change.

Q. Yo, when's the last time you talked to shortee?

A. Pssh, it's been like a munt.
by Cliteesha November 05, 2008
A cunt of the musty variety; a cunt that has a musty smell.
"That girl over there is hella fugly...she probably has a munt."

"Dude, dont stick ur dick in that bro...she has a nasty muntasaraus rex hiding down there."
by Pedobear69143 April 15, 2010
A shit covered post-anal taint.
After the intense gape session, I looked at her munt with satisfaction and disgust.
by TorkLugnutz November 13, 2009
The mound of a womans cunt when viewed from behind when she is bending over.
Munts are often viewed best when the girls are at the beach in their bikini's
by Big Jesse March 09, 2009
A man cunt. A real bitch.
This guy is acting like a munt. He reminds me of my ex-wife.
by D Pop January 15, 2009
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