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adj: amazing, cool, funny, great, fun times, hilarious, silly, cute, nice, sweet, unique, great to hang out with.
In many cases, there are more words to describe... but you get the idea.
I have a friend who is Callie.
by goodHugger December 24, 2007
Callie - An amazing friend. She is honest and caring and nice. She never backs down in a fight, and is very pretty.
Callie is soooo nice!
by Just a friend :) August 21, 2010
an amazing hot, delicious person who everyone loves. sometimes a daddys girl, and has brown hair and eyes. usually but not always called a slut. has a big booty.
God that girl is such a callie
by laura bergerson May 29, 2008
Callie is the most beautiful person who has ever walked on earth. She has so many friends and everybody loves her. She has blonde hair green eyes and a beautiful smile. Everybody knows Callie. she is fun and she loves basketball. She can tend to be crazy sometimes. Callie is a great friend and she is so nice and caring and honest and mature.Callie is the coolest person I know. Callie is so talented and good at everything.
I love Callie
Callie is so amazing
by calliehendy December 18, 2014
A beautiful girl who loves music and riding horses for living.
Crush: I like you Callie
by Realsteel September 08, 2015
about 5ft 7. Great rack (C- D cup) with great bust. Nice big butt. she loves Boys, but she's picky about them. An amazing friend. She is honest and caring and nice. She is the prettiest girl who has walked this earth. Brown eyes, brown hair, legs that go on forever, and an amazing smile. She can make anyone laugh and is just fun to be around. She's also very smart, don't doubt that. Boys love her, and most girls do too. She is just a nice person that everyone wants to be around.
Don't you just love Callie
You can't help but love Callie
by bamitssam July 08, 2011
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