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v. to bunter. To assault a person, animal or object using only your erect penis. Females cannot bunter.
Bruce buntered Phillip in the bathroom of the gay club after doing some bumps off of Phillips buttocks.
by steve grill April 06, 2004
A cross between banter and munter. It is used to describe someone who is a good laugh, but is ugly.
Girl 1: Met this really funny guy called George at the casino last night.
Girl 2: Was he cute?
Girl 1: Nah, he was a generous two out of ten.. such a bunter.
by HettyPinkSlag November 29, 2010
A person who says they will do something, but then they don't.
Deyan said he would get us candy, but he didn't. Deyan is a bunter.
by Patem August 26, 2005
a bunter is defined as a fat sweaty gambler, these are folks you don't want to mess with or sit close to...
Person 1: whoa wtf is that?
Perosn 2: eewwww ive never seen anything like it!
Person 3: what your looking at is in no other words decribable than a bunter!!!
by CLASS_A_BIRD February 18, 2009
When the balls of a man hang lower than the shaft of his penis.
Oh my god you won't believe what happened last night. I took this guy home and he was sporting a bunter!

I jumped in the lake and was freezing, I had an instant bunter!
by Bunterhunter December 03, 2011
A boring, dull thing or event. Adjectival form bunterous.
A: Did you watch the cricket match last night?
B: No, 'cos no good players were in it. It was a bunter.
by bbrain429 March 30, 2009
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