A mullet is birth defect
I was riding home from band practice and i saw a guy with a green mullet, I wanted to run over him and put his hair disabilities in the past
by *~Paige~* June 01, 2005
Tennessee Waterfall, Kentucky Slickback, Georgia mudslide. Very much associated with whitetrash or trailor trash. Kids often play games called "thats my mullet" spotting mullets to see who can spot the most.
Holy shit thats a wicked mullet
by dirth8r April 19, 2005
n. Person that needs to carry around a plant in order to replace the oxygen they use up breathing.
"Hey give that mullet a plant!"
by DameMinna November 24, 2004
a dirty, dirty, and I mean dirty type of hairstyle that obviously rednecks think are cool and they think mullets will never go out of style
Hey bobby
Cut the mullet
Oh yeah, you stink too
Fuck you
by Big Smoke Dogg November 19, 2003
Short hair on top, long hair in back
That's all there is to it
cut your MULLET! Oh yeah
by Albemerle girl August 19, 2003
See also:
Alabama neck blanket
Oklahoma shoulder tickler
neck duster
The Kind hearted Ingin' cut
hat dangler
by Knucklehead July 19, 2003

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