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dummy, fool, idiot
That boy ain't right. Buy him books but he's still a dufus.
by Anonymous November 08, 2002
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the wrong way spelling "doofus"
"You are a dufus"

"Actually, it's 'doofus', you doofus"
by atmofunk August 06, 2006
A kindly way of saying that one is stupid. Certainly much nicer than calling someone a fuckwit, anyway.
"You dufus! Click the Print button if you wanna print, not the Close button!"
by Mr Ben February 10, 2005
short for dumb fuck, a person that messes up all the time
"You are such a dufu, can't you do anything right?"
by ldml April 04, 2008
when a dude butt fucks another dude
Jon Dudfued Larry lastnight
by shanksta March 26, 2005
butt fucked by a dude
Jon bufued Larry lastnight
by shanksta March 16, 2005
Plural for of dufu meanig "dumb fuck"
What a bunch of dufus
by Robbie-Oh February 05, 2012

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