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To fuck someone
"Shawty gone and hop in my ride
I'm talking bout that futuristic love are you wit it
I think I wanna Elroy you
So come sex me
With that stupid fruity swag tell me what it's gone be"
by thunte June 04, 2009
Elroy-The police. First heard by rapper E-40. V-town slang.
When you slangin' on the corner, watch out for the elroy.
I called the elroy on my baby daddy.
by MrChicoStik January 09, 2006
Tha 5-0, Pigs, cops, whateva
"there go them elroys, they handcuffin my folks."
by Fatal November 11, 2003
elroy jetson is not referring to sex it refers to being FUTURISTIC! Elroy was a part of the Jetsons who were really futuristic,dude.
dont get it confused!
Mr.Elroy Jetson = Mr.Futuristic.
by sooDd August 18, 2009
"Elroys" was first introduced by The Bay Area Rapper E-40 to describe police, 5.0, cops, fedarales, rollers etc. It was used in the video game Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
He come the elroys hide the trees.
The elroys tryin to kick down my door.
The Elroys released elroy jr.(k9 dog) on us.
by Paul From the SCO September 14, 2006
a fu*king awesome person that becomes obsessed with things that Elroy finds interesting. (1)At times can seem mentally unstable or just plain crazy.(2) Can be a good friend at times or a (3)annoying idiot.
(1). you are being elroy
(2). thanks for being such an elroy
(3). that guys such a elroy
by some guy on a computer May 22, 2010
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