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This subspecies of mullet refuses to let go of its cherished plumage. Too many years of Pabst Blue Ribbon and 7-11 hookers have made this mullet confused and nonsensical. What isn't on top, it more than makes up for in the back. It keeps its locks locked-up in a ponytail for good luck and to keep the chicks hot
Jane: Bobby your daddy has a skullet!!!
Bobby: No he aint go no dog gone sku-let.
Jane: oh yeah he do Bobby
Bobby: Hey Woman how bout you go get me a beer?
Jane: *heads for the fridge*
by wifigurl February 03, 2003
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a person with a mullet haircut that is going bald on top
damn, thats a sweet skullet
by mullett December 20, 2002


1. Originally an ancient Asian hairstyle to accentuate the size of the head(an Asian symbol of wisdom.)

2. Charles Manson modernized the skullet when he was convicted of the murders of of Sharon Tate, Leno Tate, and Rosemary LaBianca through the joint-responsibility rule.
Q: Zangzi, why do you look so wise?

A: It's the Skullet dude, now go kill some Hollywood crime lords who're striping all your civil liberties.
by WordRepoMan June 10, 2013
A man in his mid 40's who is trying to retain what he believes is style and babe-magnet attraction by compensating for forehead hairloss by growing an ever longer, and often curly back mullet
John Storella-Mullin, a famous Quincy playboy who is way past his prime, but still needs to get dates and party and believes that the QUincy/Revere beach look along with penny-loafers and no socks really attracts women
by Mullet-watcher August 05, 2003
think mullet, but instead of short hairs on the top there is just a bald head.
donny: "look at that guys skullet"
teen: "oh me gorsh"
by hard to peg September 01, 2005
Common hair style for an online predator in which there is no hair on the top of the head, but long in the back.
"I went to go meet this hot girl that I met online, when I saw that it was a dude that had a Skullet."
by Slappy Fack November 30, 2006
A descendant of the mullet generally worn by dirty old men, The scullet has a mullet-like apperance with bald scalp on the top of the head and long hair on the sides and back of the head.
Look at the skullet on that greasy
by MinDPhuK April 05, 2003
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