Two (2) guys fucking one (1) girl at the same time. The man getting the blow job must be all business up front, while the guy fucking the girl must be having a party in the back, hence the Mullet. Business up front, party in the back
Muller: Did you hear, Bill and Justin took Sarah home last night?

LTC: No what happen?

Muller: They gave her the Mullet.

LTC: What?

Muller: You know Bill all business with the talky hole while Justin was have a party in the back.
by Lorenzo Thomas Cain May 16, 2013
The mullet hair cut was invented in 2011 by the Supreme Commander of North Korea, Kim Jong Un.
North Korean's Central News Agency announced their Supreme Commander, Kim Jong Un, has decided to name his new haircut style invention the "Mullet".

Dude, did you see the mullet that North Korean dictator was wearing!
by jkiuyt January 01, 2012
Adjective: Fashionable and attractive at the time; markedly new or radical

Alternate usage: sweet mullet
Wow, that car is totally mullet! I saved a lot of money switching to Geico, sweet mullet!
by BBT0101 April 02, 2008
'a classic cut' the words of Vince Noir form mighty boosh
Chris Waddle and Ben Reece have famous mullet
by Joey Altham January 23, 2007
A hair style which is shorter at the front than the back, also used as nickname for person with such hair like Cameron Stockly.
Hey mullets finally joined the party
by Evander Hollerfield February 17, 2005
a hairstyle characterized by short hair in front and long messy hair in the back
(probably from the name of a T.V. show about a family of rural-type people)
He decided that a mullet was too much work to take care of, so he got it cut short.
by Light Joker December 30, 2004
it looks like a rats nest
"tell your barber your sick of looking like an asshole"-wesley willis
by maggot June 17, 2004

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