Common name for any of the following haircuts: camro cut, beaver paddle, 10/90 cut, the joe dirt, and many others. It is an identifying trademark of the redneck lifestyle.
Dude, that guy had a mullet 5 feeet long!
by Rusty S. January 31, 2004
It is what V. Pissino see's in the mirror every morning. What a Mullet.
Don't be a Mullet
by Dick December 17, 2003
A certain type of fish ususally used as bait to catch bigger fish. See "food chain"
"i went fishin' for bass and used mullets as bait. i didn't catch shit."
by ian from bel air June 24, 2003
A nice fish good eatin yeah haaaaaa
yall come back why did we never see a mullet on dukes of hazard pleeze email me if you have the answer.
by May 06, 2003
Other names I've heard: 10/90, S.T.L.B., and mullet pronounced MOO-LAY. The latter is either for an extra-fancy mullet, or if it's worn by someone with a beret.
"Do you know where the 10/90 Club is?"
"S.T.L.B. Don't you know what that stands for?"
"Regardez les cheveux de Pierre! Ils sont si sexy! Je veux suce son tour d'Eiffel!"
by cocks April 22, 2003
the famous all american hairstyle

only few people can pull that style off
"the mullets are ugly"
by emily April 17, 2003
Official hair-style of hicks, rednecks, and white trash.
The rednecks went into the store the other day and they all had mullets.
by SithLady November 21, 2006

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