Muffin- the words mother and fucking..slammed into one word..that you can say in front of your parents...without them knowing!! :D
i hated that muffin movie!!!
by Suckit15 November 09, 2009
UK: The act of oral sex upon a woman's genitalia (aka her muff).
In the 1950's & 60's there was a long standing joke about the unfortunately named children's television programme "Muffin the mule" being a sexual offence.
by Clansman April 22, 2009
a large person that wears clothes to tight and their fat hangs over and looks like a muffin top
"Amira,I dont want to see your muffin"
by Eva4789 December 05, 2005
one of the best bakery goods in the world.
i went to dunkin' donuts and got a muffin that fucking owned.
by god of agg poopy December 04, 2005
A Muffin is an English Gentleman who lives in Kew, in England. Muffins love to eat but usually just graze, they love chocolate tits and spend their whole lives unknowingly looking for a particular American girl. Muffins are beautiful, funny, brilliant , douchey, narcissistic, sordid, perverted and just amazing. If you come across a Muffin in your lifetime, you won't be able to pull yourself away. He is much too intoxicating, with one 'Oi,' you'll be hooked for the rest of your days. In a second he can give you the world but just as easily, break your heart. If something is wrong, he will fix it. If you are lost, he will bring you back. Muffin is the closest thing to Jesus Christ we have walking among us. If the world were Muffinless, my heart would stop beating.

Jess: I love you, Muffin.

Muffin: I know, Sweetheart.

Jess: OMG, are you fucking kidding me?!

Muffin: What's wrong, my Darling?

Jess: 'YOU KNOW'?! YOU FUCKING KNOW?! OMG, I just said that, out loud and that's it?? Do you know how hard that was?!

Muffin: I fucking love you too, Baby.
by Princess_Sparkles February 01, 2013
A bittie. A very hot girl.
Damn that girl's a muffin. I'd like to do terrible things to her.
by quignugget April 25, 2010
Refers to a baby in utero.
How's the lil' muffin doin'? Is he done yet?
by onceadadalwaysadad January 16, 2010

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