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2 definitions by strange

Most simply, a playa hater is someone who openly criticizes, purposefully attempts to sabotage, or who indulges in any number of other activities/behaviors aimed at someone they consider a playa, or even at playas in general.

The derogatory aspect to the term comes in the idea that the person who's hatin is really only jealous -- they playa hate because they wish they could be as successful, or alternately wishes they could somehow have the playa to themself.

So, of course, quite often a playa hater is someone who at some point or other feels they were done wrong by a playa.
"I was trying to talk to this girl, but she was hanging out with this dude who's a total playa hater. Everything I said, he tried to turn it around to make me an asshole..."
by strange December 10, 2003
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a word for some one very cute and sweet. only in my opinion btw.
he is my muffin
by strange February 20, 2004
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